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R. C. Bora Passes Away

Veteran freedom fighter and well known journalist and man of words Mr. Ram Chandra Bora is no more. He was President of Rajasthan Nav Manav Vaad Sanghthan. Affectionately, called RC by his friends, Ram Chandra Bora, who died in Jaipur on January 31, was a restless non-conformist of sort. Born on February 17, 1923 in Jodhpur , once a political and cultural centre, he took his early education in Agra at a time when appreciation for studying out of the native town was wanting. Back home he played for some time with the mores code in buzzing telegraph offices of different railway stations, now in Pakistan. The job was cut short after his arrest for blasting a bomb in the Stadium Cinema Hall in Jodhpur where British officials were enjoying a English film on Sunday morning. He was subsequently tried and jailed for eight years for waging war against British Empire. He indulged in revolutionary activities as Quit India movement stirred something deep within him and his participation in the mo