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State Academies need revitalization for promotion of arts and culture

Rajendra Bora Now is the time for the state government to start homework for revitalizing various Academies. Although the Academies, like Lalit Kala Academy, Sangeet Natak Academy, Sahitya Academy and others, are autonomous institutions, they derive sustenance and effectiveness from the support of the government. Therefore, much depend on how those in power perceive these institutions. The rich heritage of Rajasthan in all forms of arts –both performing and non-performing- need state supported autonomous institutions not only for preservation but for grooming of local talents and promotion of arts. One of the failings of these academies has been that they have not only lacked desired financial support of the government but also lacked public support in their working. We have seen in the past that their headships had been distributed like charity. Unworthy heads of such institutions cannot bring any revolution. If we look at the past five years’ scenario in the state and the way affa

Summer vacation in private Bed collages off as Govt. follows NCTE norms selectively

Rajendra Bora Jaipur. The teachers and students in private Bed collages are braving grueling summer to complete their academic session 2009-10 with others. The State Government has instructed all the private Bed collages where admissions were delayed due to late counseling to do away with summer vacations and get their academic session regularized. The counseling process for Bed courses was completed as late as in February this year. However, The National Council of Teachers Education (NCTE), a statutory body formed by an act of Parliament, mandates that annual examinations could be held only after completion of 180 days of teaching. Therefore, to regularize the 2009-10 session it is prudent to hold classes dispensing with summer vacations, official sources say. All the concerned authorities have been instructed that in the collages where admissions were delayed and their academic calendar schedule of completing the course by June was not possible regular classes should be conducte

Why Jaipur has surplus staff of teachers when posts lie vacant in countryside ?

Rajendra Bora Jaipur. Everybody knows in the administration what ails government schools but none of those responsible for proving quality education is willing to correct things. The biggest problem with government schools in every district is posts of teachers lying vacant. Take for example the district of Jaipur. As many as 153 posts of teachers are currently lying vacant in this district alone. If this is the situation in Jaipur one can very well visualize the situation in other districts. Despite consistent demands from parents and people’s representatives for filling the posts the situation remains the same. The government schools, particularly in countryside and rural areas, have to go with vacant posts of teachers in spite of the fact that there is no shortage of teachers. Then why this situation persists? To find the answer one does not have to conduct any research. Government’s own official figures tell the story. The official figures reveal that while 153 posts of teac

Hindi Film Music has finished says legendry saxophone player Manahari Singh

Rajendra Bora Jaipur. Name of Manahari Singh, who played saxophone and other instruments in more than 15,000 film songs, rings nostalgic bells in the ears of Hindustani Film Music (HMF) buffs. The maestro, around eighty and on dialysis, still plays the wind instrument with gusto transporting the audience to the golden era of film music of the last century. The old wizard is, however, “angry” over today’s film music scenario. “ Bada Gussa Aata Hai. Every thing has turned into ashes. Film music industry has finished. The ambience and atmosphere created by music directors, lyricist and singers of bygone era have vanished. There is a kind of bestiality pervading the contemporary film music”, commented soft spoken and humble Manahari Da while talking to members of ‘Suryatra’, a local group of cine-music buffs here on Sunday. The musician, who played for legendary music directors like S.D.Burman, Shankar Jaikishen, Kalyanji Anandji, Madan Mohan, O.P.Nayyar and R.D.Burman, felt that the